Monday, 25 July 2011

You only live once, so be a cunt.

Haven't wrote on this for about a year, and It's been a fucked up year.
Yet again I'm sat here thinking why the fuck do I bother, I hate most people, so why am I sat here pretending to like them. All It's about these days is how popular and pretty you are. Well guess what, I'm not pretty or popular and I couldn't give two shits, fuck you all.

''Smile, it irritates those who want to destroy you.''

Probably the most true quote I've come across in my life. People always set out to knock you down, whether It's due to jealousy, or because they're a plain bitch, WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT.
Sometimes I'd love to just shake some people and tell them to grow the fuck up. I will be nice to the nerdy kid in school, and you will like it. Honestly, hold your head high, because there are so many people that will kill to see you fall.

I don't think you'll ever want to love me.

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