Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Whats the world coming to..

Now seriously.. Last night i was just casually walking to the shops, as you do, and this little girl decides to shout at me; ''come!'' as if to start a fight, and she was dead serious. I kid you not, she was about 9. How the hell did her parents bring her up!? Beat her!? Let her watch jeremy kyle!?
I can almost bet you her first word was 'wanker' or something.

I know i have a bit of time to think about it, but i got my work experience letter and i don't know what i want to do with myself? My mind was blank. There's only one thing i'm certain of and thats travelling, and that i want to do things that others wouldnt dare to. I'm definately going to travel for a year or so, get away from swindon, but thats all i've really thought about, thats all i really want to think about.
Because, knowing that one day i have to go into the world by myself scares the hell out of me. But everyone does it i suppose, some take it more lightly than others. OR could just live the high life and be a drug dealer? maybe.
I've come to realise as i was led in bed last night that i think things through way too much. I live everyday as if it's my last.. but i just want to get away from everything. This is breaking me. It's killing me. I cant do it anymore. But even though i cant, i'd still try for you. Because i care for you, i'm just sorry it's like this. Just know i'll always have time for you.

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