Friday, 27 August 2010

I never thought i'd be saying this.

There is a point where you stop and say to yourself, enough is enough.

I'm tired of waiting, because i feel like i'm waiting for something that isn't even going to happen. And I don't have time to be worrying about that kinda drama when i could be worrying about more creative things, things that might actually get somewhere.

Today as i walked around town, I looked around me and i can honestly say all i saw was fake. Nothing is original anymore, it's very rarely you get an original person. I try to be as original as i can, but sometimes i even find myself slipping into the stupid routine of the un-original. I definatley think that it's better being your own person. Do you want to be remembered as a mindless zombie following the crowd, or someone who did their own thing and didn't give a shit what anyone else thought? I know which one i rather. People who hate on you for being different are fucking arseholes.

Be your own person.

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